That's us,  Mirjam and Peter, from 1999 on dancing through 'tangoland'. First trying Leiden then The Hague and after that back to Leiden, Rotterdam, and in between the 'Achterhoek. In the last few years Paris, Istanbul, Berlin and Buenos Aires. For us Leiden is top, so every time we go back to our roots.

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We're contaminated with this tangovirus. Tango has touched us, it permeates our minds, bodies and souls. It has become a wonderful journey, of which we still don't know where it ends. We're on the road, searching, discovering more and more in the dance, the music and ourselves. 'El tango es un posibilidad infinita'; it enriches our lives.

Now that we're captivated by this dance, we also want to spread it. The best way to do this is to: get lots of people together in the right atmosphere. What we would like is for active, enthousiast people who enjoy dancing to come together as often as possible in this beautiful and inspiring place.

In 2005 we gave up our traveling existence en made the 'waterlelie' in the 'Leidse Hout' our homebase. This is where we organise, on Saturday afternoons, during the summermonths our milonga the 'waterlelie'. Now it's a flourishing brisk, outdoor milonga, where dancers from all over the country and far beyond, meet each other.

In August 2010 we celebrated the 5th year of the 'Waterlelie'. Leah and Danny made a documentary about that. Pity it doesn't have subtitles


Organising the 'Waterlelie' is our way of sharing our enthusiasm. We hope that it will stimulate the practice and advancement of Argentinian tango in this region.

We're not ultimo's, just very passionate!